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UFOs & the Bible: Genesis 6 & Nephilim 101

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Medieval Painting depicting UFO & MARY from article in Fate Magazine 1999

Jesus Christ is called the KINSMAN REDEEMER. Jesus did not come to save the apes & dolphins, He did not come to save the puppies & kitties, and He certainly did not come to save the Zeta Reticulans or the Alien Grays.The atonement work of Jesus was only to save His kinsman, the sons of Adam. If a being is not a descendent of Adam, this being -- no matter how intelligent-- will not take part in the promise of Jesus Christ. Watcher 's research confirms that there are beings who are genetically similar to the race of Adams, but have been genetically tampered with by rebel angels, or engineered to be superior humans in some illuminated laboratory. These hybrids are not capable of "being saved" by the grace of the Kinsman Redeemer, for they are not His kinsman...  This increase in seemingly humans who are not genetically sons of Adam is a symptom of the end times, just as in the days of Noah when Nephilim walked the earth among humans.

If Christians are speculating whether or not aliens can be saved, they are just adding to the confusion. "Aliens" are really disembodied angels -- the rebellious angels who according to Jude left their God-given habitation to dwell in genetically manipulated hybrid bodies just prior to the Flood ... the Nephilim of Genesis 6.

Read this strange account of the Gulf Breeze Six--fellows who tellingly got info to go to a UFO hot spot from an occult source. Now why would deceptive spirits communicating through a OUIJA board (the method through which demons first communicated with Regan in the Exorcist, by the way) tell anyone to wait for UFOs to show up...UNLESS UFO'S ARE RELATED TO THE DEMONIC AGENDA OF THE SPIRIT WORLD.

Aleister Crowley drawing of angel / demon conjured during ceremonial magicke - similar to Whitley Strieber Alien Gray the Greys aliens demonic nephilim

Aleister Crowley was a noted occultist who styled himself The Beast 666 (albeit as a fashion statement). A key member in several hermetic brotherhoods, Crowley wrote "How-To" guides on magick and contacting angels. Crowley was in contact with higher intelligences, writing "The Book of the Law" in Cairo in 1904 at the behest of a being called Aiwass. The being's name is intriguingly similar to Egyptian Antiquities expert Zahi Hawass, both derived from Horus. It was Crowley's goal through ritual magick and contact with non-human intelligent beings [angels or aliens] to bring to fruition the New Aeon of Horus. In 1919 Crowley drew a picture of an "extra-terrestrial" Intelligence with whom he was in astral contact, named Lam. This drawing of Lam -- which looks tellingly like a classic "grey alien" -- appeared in an exhibition held in Greenwich Village, New York, 1919.

Watcher Website posted the "UltraTech logo" on our popular home page in 1996. Many have noted it is eerily similar to Crabwood alien crop glyph c. 2002 The " crop circle " the alien is holding has been deciphered as containing an ASCII message.

David Flynn has discovered another message POINTING TO ROSWELL encoded in the Crabwood Alien crop glyph.

It's as if the makers of this alien crop circle in England were communicating something to us ... of all the layouts for an "alien holding a disk", the makers chose to use a virtual mirror of our logo. At least, that's what researcher Goro Adachi suggests in his fascinating Holy Disk, Holy Grail: Countdown to Zero Point.

From noted author and UFOlogist John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse p. 215, 216:

John Keel theorizes that all angelic manifestations in the Bible were simply the same beings now claiming to be aliens. While Keel himself points out that these deceptive beings populating the atmosphere throughout mankind's history are artful MIMICS & MASTERS OF DISGUISE... he misses the point with this generalization. There are many different kinds of angels.

In the Bible there are both encounters with Godly angels doing His will, and encounters with rebellious angels who seek to lead mankind astray and undermine God's credibility. The qualities of God's angels are of course shared by their rebellious counterparts. Since God's angels manifest in miraculous ways, it is no surprise that the angels who "do their own thing" manifest in miraculous ways as well.

One might ask, "if rebel angels can imitate Godly miracles, how can one tell if angels are of God or rebellious? Couldn't they all be the same?" This is the confusion satan's minions have always sown. Keel,Sitchen, and many alternative UFOlogists fail to realize the very obvious distinction between God's angelic messengers and the deceptive manifestations of fallen angels. God's messengers always acted within the confines of God's Word, that is, their actions and the results of their actions were always Biblically, Lawfully, consistant. The results of interaction with an angel of God left the visitee with no doubts about the Biblical God, nor His revealed Word. In contrast, contact with "angelic" aliens and occult entities casts doubt on the validity of the Bible and leaves confusion concerning God's identity. Godly angelic encounters always gave glory to God and confirmed His Word, while deceptive angelic encounters, occult manifestations and aliens, lead humans away from God into increased occultism, self-deification, self-actualization, human potential, and a complete disregard for the validity of the Bible.

Rebel angels can take on any form they please, even appearing as angels of light.The deceptive rebel angels often appear to humans in SEEMINGLY benign guises: as the enlightening angel to Mohammed, as the angel Moroni to Joseph Smith, in disguise as the Virgin Mary in apparitions, and disguised as Enlightening Alien Space Brothers.

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    It has been said that Christians are "pretty narrow minded" to limit the population of the universe to merely GOD, ANGELS, AND MAN. After all, there are "billions and billions" of stars which perhaps have planets, which perhaps have civilizations etc. However, within the classification of angels [non- human or "alien" intelligent beings] exist diverse myriads. The concept of an ANGEL comes from the Greek aggelos from the Hebrew ago meaning "one going forth" or "one leading"; messenger. Not all angels are "good". Not all angels continue to do God's will, although all angels were originally created by God to convey His message. Some angels rebelled against God's plan. Some angels go forth to give their own message; some angels go forth to lead mankind AWAY from the truth. But all angels are more intelligent and powerful beings than mere humans, it is easy to see how the rebellious angels could have been worshipped as gods, when they descended to the Earth before the Flood, and deceived humans (Genesis 6).

    The angels are represented throughout the Bible as a body of spiritual beings who intermediate between God and men: "You have made him (man) a little less than the angels" (Psalm 8:6). Angels, just as mankind, are created beings; "praise ye Him, all His angels: praise ye Him, all His hosts ... for He spoke and they were made. He commanded and they were created" (Psalm 148:2, 5: Colossians 1:16, 17). Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not say that the only intelligent beings populating the universe are humans, in fact God created countless "non- human intelligent beings" before mankind. God is known throughout the Bible as the LORD OF HOSTS: Rule and fear are with Him, He makes peace in His high places. Is there any number to His armies? Job 25:2

    Among these myriads of angels are those who follow their own rebellious plan instead of God's. Those rebel angels -- who appear in many guises, from ghosts to aliens to "Blessed Virgin Mary" or BVM apparitions like Fatima -- are the intelligent non-human beings behind UFOs and the paranormal. *THEY* have a plan, their message is a deceptive one.

    aliens and angels, ufos & the Bible, 2012 prophecy and 

  • " [The occultist] is brought into intelligent communication with the spirits of the air, and can receive any knowledge which they possess, or any false impression they choose to impart...the demons seem permitted to do various wonders at their request." - G.H. Pember, "Earth's Earliest Ages and Their Connection with Modern Spiritualism and Theosophy" (1876)

  • "UFO behaviour is more akin to magic than to physics as we know it... the modern UFO -nauts and the demons of past days are probably identical." -Dr. Pierre Guerin, FSR Vol. 25, No. 1

  • "The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demon -ological phenomenon..." - John A. Keel, "UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse"
  • ufos and aliens and angels: Lucifer or Satan 
is called the Prince of the Powers of the Air The ancient deity Baal was "Lord of War" and "Lord of the Sky". Many titles were given to Baal by adding endings to his name. Some examples found in scripture are Baalhazor "Lord of the Fortresses", Baalbamoth = Lord of the high places, Baalzebub = Lord of those who fly, or, flit. Zebub is a Hebrew verb which means to flit from place to place , having been popularly translated as "Lord of the Flies" it is more properly rendered "Lord of Those Things that Fly".

    Intelligent beings who live in the atmosphere around and above the Earth are under the authority of the Lord of Flying Things, the Prince of the Power of the Air. Baal is identified as Satan by Jesus himself, Matt.10:25 Mark. 3:22 Luke 11:15. Paul says we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers, with spirits in high places, literally, "in the heavens" "in the aerial regions" Eph.6:12. Hence Satan is called "the prince of the Power of the Air" "the prince of the aerial host" Eph.2:2. Imagine the confederation of rebellious angels seated in the atmospheric heaven in the spaces above and around our planet. This fundamental of scripture contradicts many traditional concepts of "hell" as the domain of the devil and his minions... the popular notion of "satan ruling the underworld" is not found in the Bible.

    VIDEO TO THE RIGHT: is one of many sightings of UFOs documented by NASA ' s cameras on the space shuttle. Notice how many objects are "flitting to and fro" and journeying through Earth's atmosphere, changing direction and speed at will, as if intelligently controlled and not mere "space debris".

    While the New Testament uses the Greek word "demon" to refer to these "sons of the mighty", the Old Testament uses revealing descriptive names. Words which describe these beings, such as b'nai Elohim meaning "sons of God", Zophim meaning "the watchers", and Malakh meaning "messengers", (this reference was translated angel in English), are used for the "aerial host" often regardless of alignment. The Book of Enoch tells us the origin of certain "interdimensional intelligences" -- called in the monotheistic New Testament "demons", who were understandably associated with evil because originally the Greek term diamon meant "any deity" -- was in the Days of Noah, and didn't end with the Flood but continued according to Genesis 6, "even after". There are three main terms for demons in the New Testament: daimonion (demon; 60 times, 50 in the Gospels); pneuma (spirit; some 52 times) usually with a qualifying adjective such as akatharton (unclean; 21 times) or poneron (evil; 8 times); and angelos (7 times of demonic agencies). Daimon (demon), the term commonly used in classical Greek, appears only once (Mark 8:31) (From Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - Walter A. Elwell (Ed))

    The word which is translated, "giants", in the King James version of the Bible is, in Hebrew, "Nephilim", which means, "Those who fell, or ... the fallen ones". Jude, the brother of Jesus describes them as "angels, having left their first estate in heaven". These fallen angels came to earth for their own purposes, to interfere in the development of human civilization.

    Scripture uses other names to describe these degraded fallen angels and their descendents in addition to the word Nephilim, they are...

    End of the Age - Return of the Nephilim?
    The book of Jubilees remarks that Jared or Yeh-red, an Old Testament patriarch, was so called because in his days the angels descended upon the earth - Yaw-rad "descend". It is interesting to note that "Jordan" comes from that same root word denoting "descent, coming down or falling" - Yar-dane "the place of the descent". The source of the Jordan river is Mount Hermon - the point of descent of the Watchers. Mt. Hermon resides in the ancient land formally known as "Sidonia". The super-human angelic beings descended, created hybrid offspring with human women, the "nephilim" and mighty men of renknown preserved in ancient myths. The source for the dispersion of angelic "alien" technology, and the Hermetic knowledge that influenced human civilization since the days of Noah, was Sidonia / Cydonia. UFO sightings increase as 2012 approaches - significant?

    The symbolism surrounding the coming End of the Aion in 2012 suggests perhaps another "descent" is approaching. The time & location should not be a mystery as it has been looked for, advanced & ardently pursued by the Mystery Schools for centuries, from its earliest advocacy in the Edfu Texts to the current wizardry going on at NASA. At the very least, could there be a revelation that alien intelligences left evidence of their civilizations on Mars?

    Mount Hermon place of the descent fallen angels alien intervention nephilim the watchers

    2012 End of the Age - End Times AION symbol Ouroboros, serpent eating its own tail end time prophecy David Flynn research

    RE: 2012 & End of the Age. The Greeks called the End of the Age the SUNTELIA AION Ancient historians and especially Plato referred to a cycle of catastrophe at the End of the Age. The AION was symbolized by the Ouroboros.
    The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Hermeticism and myth refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail.
    David Flynn 2012 research, sign of the end of times, the Ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tail Illuminated hermeticism synchromysticism & apocalyptic symbolism.

    The Milky Way galaxy keeps a great time cycle that ends in catastrophic change. The sign of the SUNTELIA AION is the sun rising out of the mouth of the oroborus, which will occur on the solstice December 2012.

    Flynn: Lost Ark of the Covenant Location disclosed

    Temple at the Center of Time: Investigations of Sacred Dimension, Revealed in Prophecy, the Temple of Jerusalem, and the Ark of the Covenant, from the works of Isaac Newton by David Flynn In "Temple at the Center of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012" David Flynn's examines clues found in illuminated literature and ancient texts which Isaac Newton had access to, using his knowledge of the Bible in the original languages, in this examination of the works of Isaac Newton dealing with End Time Prophecy, especially found in the Books of Daniel and Revelation ( The Apocalypse ). Flynn asserts that although Newton had solved riddles of space, time, gravity, light, physics & mathematics, Newton seemed to be looking for "proof that God is in control of the universe". Flynn's book demonstrates how pivotal events in history are unquestionably connected in time and space to Jerusalem. In "Temple at the Center of Time" one may find not only research into why such a great "scientific mind" as Newton's would be obsessed by the Biblical End Times, but also insite into such fascinating topics as the placement and purpose of ancient megaliths like Baalbek and Avebury, and why there is a significance placed on the galactic event which will occur on December 21, 2012. read more about David Flynn's book "Temple at the Center of Time ...." at World Net Daily

    david flynn on freemason symbols 33 and 2012 end times and bible prophecy David Flynn 's book "Cydonia: the Secret Chronicles of Mars" and his DVD lectures from the annual Roswell UFOs & the Bible Conference reveal:

  • 2012 significance the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the symbol the Ouroboros
  • "the gods" who walked the earth in the ages before Adam
  • the nephilim of Genesis 6 and the technology & wisdom they imparted to humankind
  • the distinctly Martian Cydonian influence on human civilization
  • megaliths magick & the meaning behind the esoteric tenet "As Above, So Below"
  • 33 & 2012 -- freemason symbols mystery schools & the modern alchememy of NASA
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    WHAT IS AVAILABLE ON FLYNN 'S 5 HOUR DVD SET 2003-2005? The oroboros was used in traditions of hermeticism, occultism, gnosticism, alchemy, secret societies & illuminated fraternities like Freemasons & Rosicrucians. This serpent symbolism referred to the fateful CELESTIAL CLOCK -- the Milky Way as viewed from the earth -- which has as its "hour and minute hands" the zodiac as powered by the precession of the equinox. Flynn 's lectures from 2003-2005 demonstrate how symbolism has kept secret, yet preserved, the knowledge of the heavens, and how it pertains to our modern age, as we approach the END OF THE AGE IN 2012. click this paypal button to order Flynn's lectures from 2003-2005:
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    All 9 hours of David Flynn 's DVD presentations

    As you may have heard mentioned on the Sept. 20 2011 CoasttoCoastAM show w/ Doug Elwell & Richard Hoagland and on the incredible Oct. 30 2011 show with LA Marzulli, or read about on Steve Quayle's (author of Genesis 6 Giants) website and Tom Horn's (author of Apollyon Rising 2012) website, controversial Bible scholar & lecturer David Flynn was diagnosed with brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme. He passed away January 22, 2012.

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    watcher website David Flynn author Cydonia: Secret Chronicles of Mars, Temple at the Center of Time, lectured on Pax TV
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    Crop circles are either created by skilled humans, or by the ufo craft that are often said to be seen near crop circles. If humans have created these, they are very Illuminated humans, illustrating obscure mathematical relationships and esoteric concepts. The two crop circles on this page show the planets and the asteroid belt -- perhaps designed as human tribute to the planetary dieties revered in Kabalah and Alchemy.  If supernatural in origin,  the rebel angels seem to be indicating the location of their lost kingdom in the heavens -- their lost Golden Age --  when angels ruled the solar system and there were not yet Adams  to usurp their dominion. It is interesting that a major component in occultism is a longing for the Lost Atlantis (Mu, Shamballah or even Eden Regained) - a utopia of peace and high technology.
    thusI brought a fire from your midst" (Ezekiel 28)
    evidence of ancient artificial structures on Mars, analysis by Richard Hoagland - Cydonia complex on Mars, with Martian Sphinxevidence of ancient artificial structures on Mars, analysis by Richard Hoagland - Cydonia complex on Mars, with Martian Sphinx
    When Satan rebelled, God cast him as profane from the height of heaven. Because of his rebellion, Satan was destroyed from the midst of the STONES OF FIRE, the planets, where he had reigned over literal physical kingdoms. Evidence of the civilization on Mars can still be seen, while another civilization of B'nai ha Elohim was destroyed thoroughly, becoming the asteroid belt. It is not surprising that a two-faced Sphinx has been found amongst theruins of Mars. Lucifer is the most powerful Cherubim, and the Biblical description of a cherub can be illustrated by a Sphinx. David Flynn's research into Bible references of Satan & Cherubim on Literal Planets - THE STONES OF FIRE.


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