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Freemasons Tradition of Tracing Geometric 
Patterns in the Earth

Art Bell suggests "fractal" crop glyphs are just too complex for humans to make. What about a group of humans united by principles of architecture and geometry?

A freemason is already familiar with using rope and posts to make precise geometric patterns in the earth.

    From: Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism by AE Waite ...the Pythagorean theorem uses the numbers three, four and five to create a square corner. The Egyptians are said to have called it the string trick. Essentially they would take a cord and tie it at three lengths, four lengths and five lengths respectively. Taking a stick and thrusting it in the ground, they would mark off three lengths in any direction. Then marking off four lengths, they would place the second stick. Lastly they would line up the third stick so that it adjusted to the fifth mark and the result was a 90 degree angle. p. 41


    Might not a vow of fraternal secrecy be the reason the general public doesn't find out that crop glyphs are perpetrated by humans? Wouldn't a farmer belonging to a fraternal brotherhood willingly sacrifice part of his crop in order that his brethren be able to meet privately and conduct some sort of symbolic communication with higher powers? Perhaps these circles are not created BY the higher powers, but IN HOMAGE to the higher powers... or at least as conspicuous messages to other brothers of the craft across Britain and theworld. The esoteric symbols might be nothing more than territorial graffiti amongst Freemasons, or at least occult road signs.
Updated rant August 27:
    re: RECENT CROP CIRCLES Chilbolton Radio Telescope: similar to the Arecibo message and the hominid face. 

    Hoagland cites the fact that uncommonly cool crop circles appeared in two consecutive years, in the same field in the same significant place -- in front of a radio telescope facility -- as evidence that we are being contacted from a higher intelligence. Because of the subject matter of the recent crop circles, Hoagland and Bell conclude that they are most likely done by extraterrestrials who intercepted the Arecibo message. 

    Doesn't it sound more likely that someone who owns the field let the same bunch of crop-artists utilize his crops two years in a row? The identity of the crop circle creators very likely DOES have something to do with the location across from that radio telescope. 

    If I were a dude working at the radio telescope place, I'd at least have to be educated in physics and mathematics. I would probably know what the Arecibo message looked like, wouldn't I? What if I had friends, or brethren, who were into crop circles -- perhaps I knew someone I wanted to impress or my lodge was in competition with a rival lodge? Perhaps on my lunch break I stared out at the empty field across the way and used my above average educated mind to plan how in my spare time I could both express myself artistically/mystically and impress the crop circle researchers and gain a bit of fame, or at least pass the time. I mean, I like a challenge.

    Since I work at this place every day, it is likely that I know the farmer across the way. Perhaps I might even be related to that farmer, or he might be my brother freemason. At any rate, over pints at the pub or perhaps at a family get together or Lodge meeting I ask my farmer friend if he didn't agree that my idea of making a beautiful crop circle implementing the physics and mathematics I learned in college wasn't a jolly good idea -- and did he want to help? 

    While I was at it, why didn't I use my intelligence to draw up a schematic using the mathematics that got me the job at the radio telescope in the first place, to implement the principles of Euclid & Pythagoras and impress my Lodge Brothers, or even ask them if they wanted to help? And of course, if I were a freemason, I could count on the fact that none of my Lodge Brothers would betray me as we are all sworn to mutual assistance and silence about goings-on. Besides, a successful crop glyph enterprise would make for hours of animated discussion around the old water cooler. 

    British Crop Glyph Enthusiasts Use Their Free Time Creatively

    Images Courtesy of ? Via email Through the Years

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