UFO Roundup for Israel April1997

Courtesy of UFO Roundup: [ http://www.digiserve.com/ufoinfo/
Editor: Joseph Trainor
From Volume 2, Number 16. April 20th, 1997

On Saturday, April 12, at 8 p.m., residents of a kibbutz near Karmiel, in northern Galilee spotted a UFO in the sky about 70 degrees above the horizon.

An eyewitness described it as "a big, bright, real yellowish-white light" that "approached from the southeast." As if in response to being seen, the UFO quickly increased its speed, "zipped up and disappeared behind a cloud." When it departed, the UFO was moving in a north-northwesterly direction. and "moving across the sky until it went out of sight behind a cloud."

The following day, Sunday, April 13, the residents were awakened in the early morning by "helicopters... repeatedly circling over our settlement. Lots and lots of helicopters. There was one over my house a few hours ago."

Along the side of the road were parked Israeli military flatbed trucks. Many contained portable radar arrays, computers and other electronic equipment. A spokesman for the Zahal (Israeli Self-Defense Forces) told the residents that the troops were "on maneuvers." (Many thanks to Yechiel A. Mann for this news story.)

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