Israelis Looking for Alien Visitors 
Connected to Peace Process and Messianic Expectations

Israelis Looking For Space Visitor
By N.W. Hutchings
(Southwest Radio Church, Oklahoma City, OK)

Israel's predicament seemingly grows worse by the hour. The nation's habitable area is only about 150 miles by 75 miles, and now unless more land is given to the Palestines, internal terrorism and revolution threatens. If autonomy is given to the West Bank, Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian tanks could be at Jerusalem's doorsteps. It appears that some Israelis are looking to the skies for the answer. We quote from an article from the January 7, 1997, edition of the Dallas Morning News:

"Thousands of Israelis crowded Tel Aviv beaches early Monday, watching for extraterrestrials whose arrival was predicted by self proclaimed Israeli psychic Helinor Harar. As the theme music from the TV show 'The X Files' resounded from loudspeakers, she shouted: 'Israel will be the center for UFO landings.' Crews set up cameras across the country in hopes of filming the visitors, who Ms. Harar predicted would arrive Sunday night. But the only object she spotted was a plane about to land at Ben-Gurion airport. Ms. Harar, who predicted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upset election victory, later told Israel IV she had a new date for a landing-February 14, Valentine's Day."

There has been unusual attention to UFO acivity on a worldwide basis these past few months. Russia has established an Investigation Department of UFO Activity. The Discovery Channel in January devoted several hours of serious investigative programming into UFO sightings-past and present. As far as some Israelis looking for a coming UFO invasion of their nation, we would conclude that they are at least looking in the right direction for help--up!

Jesus went up into heaven from Mt. Olivet, and we read in the first chapter of Acts that He will return to Mt. Olivet. Of the Lord's return we read also in Isaiah 66:15: "For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire."

Although there may be similarities between Ms. Harar's predictions and the biblical promises of the Lord's return, the two cannot be the same event, because Jesus said that although we could know His coming is near, even at the door, no one could know the day or the hour. So, if there is a UFO invasion of Israel on Valentine's Day, it will probably be a satanic invasion as mentioned in Revelation 12, and not a fulfillment of the messianic promises of Israel's deliverance.

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