UFOs over Hebron - Israel UFO Flap 

From a Tel Aviv AP article Jan. 6, 1997

Israeli psychic Helinor Harar predicted the intelligent beings responsible for the ongoing UFO flap in Israel would show up on Jan. 5, 1997. Thousands of Israelis watched the skies, as music from the X-files was played, and Ms. Harar shouted "Israel will be the center of UFO landings!" (we agree! - watcher website)

Harar, who predicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upset election victory, later told Israel TV she had a new date for a landing -- Feb. 14, Valentine's Day.

And she ventured another prediction: ``Until they fly over Hebron, there will be no agreement.''

Israel and the Palestinians are negotiating a troop pullout from the West Bank city.

Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 14:11:44 -0700 (MST)
From: Miles Johnston <101341.2055@compuserve.com>
To: Art Bell Fan Club 

This Miles, from London.I am Currently co-ordinating scientific analysis of a now deceased EBE, from Northern Israel.

Every step is being taken to ensure that the Santille circus from last year is not repeated.For this reason the scientists are being kept advised.

PLEASE MAKE THIS CLEAR:- The scientists can only verify the evidence, if they are left alone. For this reason the usual UFO circus PLEASE STAND BY, and Keep OFF!. EVERYONE WILL BE ADVISED OF THE FACTS, and not the GOSSIP, IF AND WHEN POSSIBLE.

The material :
1> Is on Ice, in a secret location.
2> Video material of the EBE exists.
3> Photographic Material exists.
4> Physical samples, one internal, one external has been analysed.

It is NOT a Grey, but of a type, of which a number are already in scientists' hands in Europe, and this one is yet to be confirmed.

I hope to have European and US science teams to make secondary and tertiary analysis, as requested by the Israel team.

As the situation is still subject to firm scientific confirmation, by examing the evidence, rather than commercial hokus pokus, all is subject to verification.

Further details available at the above email, or 44-181-568-2089. This information is only made available, as information has already leaked, as of Dec 25th.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy New Year.
Miles Johnston.

by Barry Chamish

Two events converged in the last week of the year threatening to send Israel UFO research back to the dark ages of the 1980s. One was a conference in Eilat organized by alleged abductee Carlos Bin Nun, the other, the green "alien" of Achihod.

Bin Nun's gathering of the country's UFO mystics produced only two headlines: Uri Geller announced that he was abducted by aliens as a child and one of the speakers, given futuristic powers by the otherworldly enitities, promised the nation that a huge UFO will hover over Tel Aviv on January fifth and herald a new era.

Sunday began with excitement for the more naive UFO culturists. One Debby Segal, representing the Damti family of Kibbutz Achihod, announced on Channel Two's 5 PM television news program that tomorrow the long anticipated results of tests conducted at the Technion's Biological Faculty on the "alien" discovered by Tziona Damti would be announced.

The next day arrived and the wide circulation daily Yediot Ahronot published the results. While admitting that they weren't given enough material from the alien to conduct proper tests, the scientists from the Technion identified cow dung. That's right, cow manure.

Another of the Damti's "UFO experts" Uriah Shai appeared on Channel One's 5 PM news program and for the first time since the event began a week before, was grilled. The announcer wanted an answer to the cow dung conclusion and why he refused to give up "two millimetres for a proper examination."

By Tuesday, ten years of serious UFO research were being jeopardised. A guest at the Eilat conference, Dr. Noah Brosh was given two pages in Maariv to dismiss all ufology as a hoax. To back his claim he jumped on the cow dung found at Achihod and the UFO that won't appear over Tel Aviv on January the fifth. When it doesn't show up, another stake will be driven into the public's heart about the study of UFOs.

Since 1987, a totally skeptical Israeli public has been moved towards acceptance of a profound UFO wave in their country by the responsible evidence gathering of serious ufologists. In just one week, a few hucksters have compromised all the good work. One disappointed Tel Aviv-area researcher said, "It's been a serious setback but we'll learn from the mistakes made at Achihod. However, the next serious incidents will face widespread disbelief again no matter how convincing the evidence and testimony."

Sent by Barry Chamish - Israeli journalist.
E-Mail : chamish@netmedia.net.il

More on UFO sightings in Israel at watcher's UFOs and the Bible page.

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