Volume 1, Number 30 September 22, 1996
Editor: Masinaigan


Monday evening, September 16, 1996, Uri Sakhov, 62, of Nazareth left his apartment house to mail a letter at the local post office. Suddenly, he heard a whizzing sound and felt hands grabbing his hair and shoulders. Instantly he was pulled into what he described as "an egg-shaped UFO."

Soon Uri found himself in "a crystal chamber" surrounded by small aliens. He described the occupants as "50 to 100 centimeters ( 2 to 3 feet) tall" with "heads like light bulbs and skinny limbs" who "made unintelligible noises." Leading the smaller occupants was a green-colored alien in flowing robes, "nearly as tall as me," also very slender, with a narrow vertical head shaped "like a zucchini" with eyes located on either side of the head.

One of the small aliens stepped up to Uri and sprayed him in the face with "a yellowish powder." The aliens then began a series of medical tests, which Uri described as "horrible...they didn't treat me well at all."

Midway through the tests, Uri blacked out. When he came to, he "found himself lying flat on his back in the middle of a soccer stadium half a kilometer (500 yards) from his home." Feeling dizzy and sick, he went home and called the police. He also noticed that he still had the yellow powder on his face.

At the hospital, doctors removed the yellow powder and sent it to a nearby lab for analysis. The lab discovered that the powder was "about 60 percent aluminum" and was "different from any soil found in the area." The lab's marketing manager, Michael Kobi, later told the Israeli daily newspaper Ma'ariv that the samples had been sent to NASA in the United States.

(Uri Sakhov's story appeared in Ma'ariv this week as part of an overall UFO story with the headline "The Great Invasion." Since his abduction, Uri has been on Israeli radio and TV talk shows. Many thanks to Mideast UFO correspondent Dr. Leon Liebrecht, who saw the broadcast and provided additional details.)


At 2 a.m. on Tuesday, September 17, 1996, traffic on High Road in the Ramat Aviv section of Tel Aviv, Israel came to a sudden stop as motorists abandoned their cars to watch a hovering UFO. Tel Aviv police received dozens of calls about a "light-emitting UFO" doing aerial loops over the northern end of the city. According to the daily newspaper Ma'ariv, police spokesman Gadi Doron said officers reported seeing "a strange light in the night sky," along with hundreds of motorists at the scene.

As the onlookers watched, a soldier of the Border Police offered to shoot at the object. Other members of the crowd disagreed vehemently. One woman said, "What are you trying to do? Start an interstellar war?"

About an hour before dawn, the UFO stopped "doing tricks" and headed east, parallel to the Avenue Shaul Hamelech. Enthusiastic motorists attempted to follow in their cars. Then the UFO reversed direction, flew back to Ramat Aviv and gradually disappeared.

In their story, the newspaper Ma'ariv listed 16 recent UFO incidents in Israel.


Four days prior to the Israeli flap, on Thursday, September 12, 1996, multiple UFOs were seen over Amman, the capital city of Jordan, the Arab kingdom on Israel's eastern border. The sightings were reported in the Arabic newspaper Al Dustour on September 18 and reprinted in the English-language daily, the Jordan Times, on September 19.

According to Al Dustour, "Strange but seemingly real objects with glowing lights of different colors moved in the skies of Amman Thursday and were seen by a number of citizens."

One of them was Marwan Muasher, Jordan's Minister of Information, who was quoted as saying, "On my way home from dinner, I saw such strange objects Thursday night I could not believe what I had seen or find any explanation for the phenomenon."

UFOs, Muasher added, "were reported at various places in the city at various times, but our (Royal Jordanian Air Force) equipment cannot monitor such a phenomenon."

The UFOs were last seen at Abu Alanda, a desert outpost north of Amman just before midnight.

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