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When does the Tribulation begin? 


We know that the treaty of Daniel, the treaty which begins the 70th Week, or Tribulation, is signed in the SPRING of some year. By looking at prophecy, we can at least know the season the Tribulation begins.


The feast days of Israel were set by God to portend literal future events. They symbolize God's design for salvation and were placed in sequence to correspond with their literal fulfillment in the future. If one studies the past events that have already occurred on the feast days of Israel, there are many clues that point to the feast days as dates for future prophetic fulfillment.

The Feast of Passover took place in Egypt when the angel of God passed over the sons of Israel and smote the first born of the Egyptians. Three days later at the Red Sea, on the Feast of First fruits, the Jews passed through the waters parted by God and arrived safely on the other side, no longer slaves to Pharaoh. On Passover, circa 32 AD, judgment passed overr the elect and instead smote the only begotten son of God. Three days later, on the Feast of First fruits, Jesus rose from the dead and the elect passed through the penalty of death into eternal life.

Typology indicates that the feast of Passover falls on the day of Armageddon. The sign of the son of man will pass over the earth on the 15th of Nisan/April. Israel will realize Jesus as their true messiah and mourn for him, remembering that on Passover, thousands of years earlier, he was crucified. Three days later, Jesus will stand on the mount of Olives, parting it in the middle. The Jews will pass through the valley between the mountain to safety at the gates of Jerusalem and the forces of the Antichrist will then be destroyed (Zachariah 14).

Since the sign of the coming of Jesus falls on Passover just prior to His return, so the covenant between Israel and Antichrist, the start of Daniel's 70th Week ( Dan. 9:27), falls on Passover 7 years earlier. If the signing of the 2520 day treaty is on Passover, the midpoint, the 1260th day falls on the eve of the Feast of Tabernacles.

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