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What is meant by church, is there a soul, where dwells Satan?

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If you believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God then that belief prohibits you from forming any religious doctrine contrary to it. The Bible is the final and ultimate source for the Judaic Christian religion. Concerning Christian beliefs, if it is not written in the Bible it is not truth and it is not to be trusted.

With this conclusion safely established you should investigate some of the lies which many Christians believe. These lies are widely taught through ignorance passed down through generations but have never existed in the Bible.

LIE # 1 Meaning of "CHURCH"

The word “church”. This word does not exist in any Greek manuscript of the New Testament. Though the word “church” is indeed found in modern Bibles it is due in part to the manipulation of the first translations into common tongue overseen by the Catholics of the Roman Empire. The Greek “eklisia” is in fact the word which has been replaced by “church”.

The word eklisia means “called out” and is actually a combination of two Greek words “ek” meaning out and “klaeo” meaning call. Eklisia means therefore those who have been called out of the earth by God into His kingdom.

Church is a word which is the corrupted form of the Greek “kuriakos” which means belonging to the Lord. The root for kuriakos is “kurios” which simply means “supreme in authority”.

Many do not realize that they have been lied to and remain steadfast in the conviction that they somehow merit more of God’s favor going to some structure or designated place of meeting. The Roman empire was able to institutionalize what they called Christianity by preventing the masses from reading Scripture. By declaring itself the “head” of the religion instead of Christ and causeing the ignorant to gather in places they called churches, the lie became so powerful that it is still felt today.

It is easy to see how the Catholic Church , which by the way means “universal authority” controlled the masses and hid the Good News. You are “called out” of the world no matter where you are or what building you happen to be in. Any human being with the ability to read can purchase their own copy of any good concordance with a Greek dictionary to prove this for themselves.

LIE # 2 What & Where is the "SOUL"

Doomed Souls sinners human soul spirit bodies animals Virgil Dante Dore

Maybe the Scriptures should be searched to find more answers. Perhaps ideas most have been raised to believe have their origins somewhere else besides the Bible.

For example, what does Solomon, reputedly the wisest man in all antiquity, say happens at death.

Again the matter is clear, men return to the ground. In fact they die exactly like animals do. Solomon goes on to say, “who knows if the breath of Adams go upward, and the breath of an animal goes downward into the earth?’

Surely Solomon would know the answer to this question if it were established in Scripture that men have souls which go out of the body to some other dimension at death. The Bible remains steadfast in the assertion that at death the body goes back to the dust it was made from and the “breath” that was in it leaves. This breath, called the “nephesh” in Hebrew is also translated correctly as “breathing creature”. However the word nephesh has been translated “soul” by English translators instead of “breathing creature’.

Why the mistranslation? why the mix up? The reason is once again very simple though at the same time diabolically ingenious. If men believe that they have an ethereal, ghostly detachable aspect to themselves which is immortal- what need do they have for redemption.

More simply put, the message of salvation is distorted and confused.

Look at it this way, Adam would have lived forever if he had not sinned because he shared in God’s Spirit. When Jesus paid for man’s sin, those who accepted His gift once again receive the Spirit of God Adam lost.

If one believes that man already has a “soul” or “spirit” (little distinction is made between the two now days) the addition of the Spirit of God in them looses it’s significance and power.

This is what is meant by the words of Jesus concerning being “born again”.

When a person is born, they come into the world having not been there before. When they are born again of the “Spirit”, they receive that into themselves which was not there before.

Jesus said it so plainly that it is remarkable that anyone can adhere to the notion that men have human “ghosts” which wander away at death.

“That which is born of flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” John 3:6.

Further, the word used for spirit in John is the Greek “pneuma” meaning a current of air, which is the same meaning of the Hebrew word for the Holy Spirit, “ruach”.

Throughout the New Testament “pneuma” is used when referring to the Holy Spirit. In contrast the Greek word which is used to denote human life is “psuche” meaning the same as the Hebrew “nephesh”, breathing creature.

At this point the ardent Bible scholar will probably ask, “ why did Jesus himself tell the story of the rich man and Lazarus”? You can read the story in Luke 16:19-31 then pay careful attention to what the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus wrote to straighten out the Greeks with regard to their belief in Hades.

“Now as to Hades, wherein the souls of the righteous and unrighteous are detained, it is necessary to speak of it. Hades is a place in the world not regularly finished; a subterraneous region....This region is allotted as a place of custody for souls, in which angels are appointed as guardians to them, who distribute to them temporary punishments, agreeable to eveyone’s behavior and manners... there is one descent into this region, at whose gate we, ie.. “the Pharisees” believe there stands and archangel with an host; which gate when those pass through that are conducted down by the angels appointed over souls, .. unto a region of light in which the just have dwelt from the beginning of the world, .. while they wait for that rest and eternal new life in heaven, which is to succeed this region. This place we call The Bosom of Abraham.

But as to the unjust, they are dragged by angels to the neighborhood of hell itself; who, when they are hard by it, continually hear the noise of it, and do not stand clear of the hot vapor, “of the lake of fire”, they are struck with a fearful expectation of a future judgment, and in effect punished thereby: and not only so, but where they see the place of the fathers and of the just, even hereby are they punished; for a chaos deep and large is fixed between them; insomuch that a man that hath compassion upon them cannot be admitted, nor can one that is unjust if he were bold enough to attempt it, pass over it.” An extract out of Josephus’ discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades

Flavius Josephus was a Jewish historian who lived during the time of Jesus Christ. He was a Pharisee, the son of a priest and well educated in the belief systems of the Sanhedren.

Josephus’ account of where the souls of men go after death is a hybrid form of the Greek belief in Hades. This is what all Pharisee’s believed. These were the very people Jesus told the story of Lazarus and the rich man. With their own flawed understanding of an afterlife Jesus condemned them. The truth is, when a man dies, he waits for a physical resurrection, (see 1 thessalonians). The prophet Daniel waits for this time, Dan. 12:13. Job waits for that time in the future, Job 19:25-27. So does every man.

Lie # 3 Who What and Where is Satan

Many believe in the non- Biblical view that Satan and his angels live in hell. Jesus calls Satan the “prince of this world”. Paul says he is the “prince of the powers of the air”. The fact is, Satan and his rebellious hoard live above and around our earth, not in some subterranean abyss. There is mention of some rebel angels having been restrained in the earth until the great tribulation, but they are special cases resulting from the corruption of the sons of Adam found in Genesis 6 during the deluge. This is easy to straighten out if one looks through the Scripture.

The words for hell are misleading. There is a place reserved for judgement, do not doubt that, but as far as anyone going there in our time, it has not taken place yet.

demon demonic spirits fallen angels satan satanic minions devils demons evil spirits deceiving angels demons in hades Dante Dore

The four words for hell are:

These words have been translated “hell” in English and a metaphors for the judgement which awaits those who rebel and ignore the Good News of salvation. Nowhere in Scripture does it say the devil and his demons reside therein.

Scripture says THEY live in our skies.

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