Asteroids, Comets, Rahab & Mars
Cherubim & the Megaliths of Cydonia
The " Stones of Fire " and Pre-Adamite Civilizations

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Satan's Secret History and the Monuments of Mars

The Bible describes Satan, commonly called Lucifer, as having had a place in heaven. Where in heaven did satan / lucifer dwell, and what happend to this being? Our research suggests satan, or lucifer, dwelt in a literal location in the heavens... which when destroyed left the debris we now see as asteroids and comets.
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 "How art thou fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!

The Mysterious Parent Planet

Noted astronomer Tom Van Flandern, discusses the 'exploded planet' theory, asteroids and comets:

" ... is Shoemaker- Levy 9 an asteroid or a comet? This is an issue being debated in the journals right now. In the exploded planet hypothesis there is no difference. Asteroids and comets are the same thing, except that comets were thrown out to a greater distance, so by being away from the Sun for the few million years they preserved their volatiles, their dust and gas, whereas asteroids have long since had the dust and gas blown away by solar radiation pressure, because they're so close to the Sun for millions of years. Other than that there is no difference. They're both debris clouds [of an exploded planetary parent body] ... "

Satellites sent to Mars in 1976 collected information concerning the geologic nature of Mars, and it's atmosphere. The images from the orbiters mapping sequence made it clear that Mars had experienced nearly unimaginable catastrophic episodes.

With the evidence of oceans of water having once flowed on Mars' surface in huge quantities, it was apparent that the Martian atmosphere was once more dense, the climate  much more hospitable. Sometime in the remote past, for reasons still being debated by astrophysicists, there was a cataclysm on Mars. The Martian oceans washed over the surface of the planet, inundating continents. The vast atmosphere was ripped away, and the once Earth-like environment was laid waste.
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In the 1987 October edition of Science magazine, D.P.Cruikshank and R.H. Brown reported a startling piece of news. They had discovered organic compounds on three asteroids: Murray, 103 Electra and Orguiel. Utilizing the process of spectral analyses of reflected light from these three asteroids, Cruikshank and Brown detected amino acids. 

More startlingly, "aqueous alteration products" such as clay were found, suggesting that the parent body had been affected by water.

If these asteroids did in fact contain sediment, it could not have been deposited without large quantities of liquid water laid down over a length of time. This would have also required an environment of gravitation strong enough to hold a dense atmosphere, producing weather and water erosion. The evidence found on these asteroids could only mean that they were from a parent body possessing an atmosphere and oceans. 

The accepted theory for the creation of the asteroid belt  is "failed planet accretion" -- that during the primordial beginning of the solar system a planet which astronomers call Astera was forming in the place now occupied by the asteroid belt, but because of its insufficient mass, and due to Jupiter's gravitational influence, it fragmented. This theory cannot be correct, as it is becoming obvious that both the planet Mars and the mysterious parent planet of the asteroid belt once sustained oceans and atmospheres. This parent planetary body was broken up in a cataclysm of Biblical proportions.

More from Van Flandern's presentation 'Exploding Planets & Non-Exploding Universes :

" The mechanism for the explosion? Back in the '50's, when the 200-year-old exploded planet hypothesis was last in vogue, people were working on that, and Ramsey came up with a number of ways in which terrestrial-sized planets could either implode or explode with changes of state of certain elements in the core of terrestrial-sized planets. Changes of state means like water turning to ice. There are certain pressure and temperature conditions where you can have a change of state that results in spontaneous explosion or implosion. However, Ovenden showed that the parent of the asteroid belt was apparently a giant-sized planet. He estimates 90 Earth masses or Saturn sized. Nobody has done research on objects in that medium-sized mass range. People have done lots of papers on explosions of nova or dwarf stars, but nobody has done explosions of planets, because nobody thought there was an example of that. So the trick now is to convince astronomers that the evidence is good enough that research in that area ought to commence. We know things about Jupiter, for example, that it's emitting twice as much heat into space as it takes in from the Sun. There is something going on in the core that we don't understand, and I have some speculation as I mentioned in the book about what that something could be. But really the answer is - we don't know. . "

In light of the recent Pentagon announcement of water found at the poles of the Moon, and the confirmation of Hoagland's long contended theory of ice on Europa, does the theory that Mars was once habitable, possessing an atmosphere and oceans , sound so unlikely? Doesn't the recent announcement of micro-organisms found in Mars rock at least suggest the possibility that there were whole civilizations on Mars long ago, before some cataclysm destroyed them?

Further resources:
  • Van Flandern's 'Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets (Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illluminated)'
  • Piers Bizony 'Searching for the Cosmic Origins of Life'


    Conspiracy theorist and author Richard Hoagland has refered to the theory that space debris we now see as comets, like Hale-Bopp, Encke, Hyukatake, or the close earth object Toutatis, due for a scary pass in the year 2004, is the result of a planetary catastrophe . Hoagland insightfully mentioned that comets can be "harbingers of doom" if they become volatile and break up, or disturb the orbits of asteroids as they pass [ a scenario suspisciously presented in the eerily-timed television movie "Asteroid" ]. BUT MORE SIGNIFICANTLY THESE COSMIC CHUNKS REFER US BACK TO THE CATACLYSMIC EVENTS THAT CAUSED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. As unlikely as it seems, there is evidence that a planet "just up and exploded " . Scientists who espouse this theory have no real explantion for WHY this solar system-wide catastrophe occured ... but an answer can be found in scripture!

    Ruins of an Ancient Civilization

    image courtesy of Jason Martell - cydonia cherubim city mars Cydonia Mars Cydonia Mars Face Martian Cydonia Mars
    image courtesy of  Jason Martell 's Cydonia Mars pages

    To most people [ except maybe a mason or member of Illuminati ] "Lucifer" is believed to be the actual name of the cherub who became Satan. HOWEVER, the mistranslation " Lucifer " is only found in one passage of the Bible, Isaiah 14:12, and only in old translations [Vulgate, KJV]. Compare the King James translation of Isaiah 14 to the Interlinear:

    (KJV) "How art thou fallen from heaven,
    O Lucifer, son of the morning!
    how art thou cut down to the ground,
    which didst weaken the nations!"

    (Interlinear) "O shining star, son of morning,
    how you have fallen from the heavens...
    For you said in your heart,
    I will go up to the heavens;
    I will raise my throne above the stars of God,
    and I will sit in the mount of meeting
    in the sides of the north...
    I will be compared to the most high."

    This often misinterpreted passage has lead some to conclude that Lucifer is a different entity than Satan. At the very least, the King James mistranslation compounds confusion because of the association of Venus / Lucifer / "Morning Star". The original Hebrew makes clear that the word " Lucifer " is not an accurate translation. "Light Bringer" clearly is not what was intended in this passage. Unfortunately, the Hendricksen Interlinear Hebrew Bible translates the phrase misleadingly as well, using "O shining star" instead of "Lucifer". The actual Hebrew word hay-lale does not mean "star" but "bright or clear sounding" [as in singing Hallelujah] although it also denotes "brightly colored or shining", and appropriately, "boastfulness and pride". If the intended meaning was "star", the Hebrew word for star , kochob "a round rolling object", would have been used.

    The phrase, "son of morning" should read "son of the dawning", as in "the earliest" or "the first" -- God created the angels at the dawn of all of His creation. A more accurate English translation from the Hebrew should read, "O clear sounding, boasting son from the beginning", describing this rebel angel who was cast by God from the heavens. Satan is not the only "morning star" mentioned in the Old Testament. Other passages describe the angels as sons from the morning or dawning of creation:

    God questioned Job from the whirlwind Job 38:4-7:

    Where were you
    when I laid the foundations of the earth?
    ... or who cast it's corner stone,
    when the morning stars sang together,
    and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

    God created the angels before he spoke the worlds into existence. God is known throughout the Bible as the LORD OF HOSTS, Job 25:2:

    Rule and fear are with Him
    He makes peace in his high places.
    Is there any number to his armies?

    Psalm 148: Praise Jehovah from the heavens:
    praise him from the heights. Praise him, all his angels;
    Praise him all his hosts. Praise him sun and moon;
    praise him, all you stars of light.
    Praise him O heavens of heavens;
    ... Let them praise the name of Jehovah;
    for He commanded, and they were created.
    And he established them forever and ever;
    He gave a decree that they not pass away

    Satan, the greatest of God's angels, "sealed the measure" of perfection and beauty of all creation. His nature reflected the glory of God, and the word of God which spoke all creation into existence. Ezekial 28:

    You were the anointed cherub
    that covers, and I had put you
    in the holy height of God...
    You were perfect in your ways from the day
    you were created, until iniquity was found in you.

    Ezekial's prophecy is addressed to the "king of the rock", an "anointed Cherub", who is described as traveling "in the midst of the stones of fire" which literally translated is "in the midst or among the eh-ben, 'built stones or rocks',of fire".

    BUILT STONES? What are they that the greatest angel createdBible prophecy, stones of fire, cherubim, seraphim, angel, devil, demon,  prince of the powers of the air,  authority over UFOs, ufo, alien, demon, monuments on the moon could travel up and down in their vastness? The answer is in the night sky. There can be seen "God built " stones reflecting the light of the sun.. . the planets.

    Before the creation of Adam, the civilizations of angels existed on the terrestrial planets. Throughout scripture there is a consistent reference to the first dwelling places of some of the ancient sons of God. These angels created habitations on the Earth, Mars, "Astera" the Fifth Planet, the Moon ... Ezekial 28:

    3 Behold you are wiser than Daniel;
    every one of the secret things
    is not hidden to you...
    15 You were perfect in your ways
    from the day you were created,
    until iniquity was found in you.
    16 By the multitude of your trade
    they filled your midst with violence, and you sinned.
    So I cast you profaned from the height of God,
    18 By the host of your iniquities,
    by the iniquity of your trade,
    you have profaned your holy places;
    thus I brought a fire from your midst;

    When Satan rebelled, God cast him as profane from the height of heaven. Because of his rebellion, Satan was destroyed from the midst of the " stones of fire ", the planets, where he had reigned over literal material kingdoms. Evidence of the civilization on Mars can still be seen, while another civilization of B'nai ha Elohim was destroyed thoroughly, becoming the asteroid belt.

    When Satan and his angels rebelled, God destroyed their literal dwelling places. According to scripture this destruction was swift and decisive. The fifth terrestrial planet which God calls "Rahab" (boaster, pride), was obliterated. Job 26:11-13:

    The pillars of heaven are stunned at His rebuke.
    He quiets The sea with his power,
    - and by his understanding
    He shatters (maw-khats, dashes asunder), Rahab,
    -by His spirit the heavens were beautiful;
    His hand forbids the fugitive snake

    Clearly, God wrought destruction on the heads of the rebellious "sons", with power that cannot be imagined. Satan is described as a snake trying to escape the judgment of God .It is symbolized by the constellation Draconis, which winds itself between the big and little dipper, which represented to the ancients, the flock of the good sheperd and the stronghold of the saved.

    God brought a fire out of Satan's midst, in the center of his greatest planetary kingdom. The planet Rahab exploded sending pieces of itself into the orbits of the interior terrestrial worlds. Asteroid impacts on the surface of mars rocked the planet, oceans washed over its dry land. The martian atmosphere was blasted into space.

    On earth virtually the same catastrophes took place -- DESTROYING CITIES CREATED ON EARTH BEFORE THERE WERE EVEN ADAMS. Jeremiah 4:23-2:

    I looked on the earth, and
    beheld it formless (laid waste) and void;
    and to the heavens, and they had no light.
    I looked on the mountains,
    and, behold, they quaked.
    And all the hills were shaken.
    I beheld and lo, there was no man (Adams);
    and all the cover of the skies had fled.
    I looked, and, behold, the fruitful place
    was a wilderness; and all its cities
    were broken down before the face of Jehovah,
    before his glowing anger. For so Jehovah has said.
    The whole land shall be a desolation;
    yet I will not make a full end.

    Jeremiah looked into the ages before Adam and described the destruction of the earth.

    There were no men, (descendents of Adam), yet there were cities which were destroyed by God's wrath - who dwelt in these cities?

    Never in history, since the creation of Adam, has man been completely destroyed from the earth, we ourselves are descended from Adam. The inhabitants of these "cities" were in fact the angelic host, the B'nai Elohim, before the rebellion.

    The exact words of Genesis 1:2 "and the earth was (became) formless and void", are recorded in chapter 4 verse 26 of Jeremiah. The majority of Christian scholars believe Gen. 1:2 means that the earth was created in an imperfect state. Genesis 1:1 lays the reality of creation out clearly: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The next sentence, "and the earth was formless and void", is in error in most English translations. It should read, "and the earth became formless and void." The Hebrew word translated "was formless" in English versions of the Bible is "toh-ho" a verb which means, "to lay waste".

    God does not create confusion, He creates order out of nothing. Satan on the other hand, corrupted what God had already created in perfection.

    The rebellion of Satan plunged all creation into a state of corruption,where before it was perfect and glorified.
    Satan's rebellion was part of the plan. Romans 8:20:

    For the creation was not willingly subjected to vanity,
    but through Him subjecting it, on hope; that also
    the creation will be freed from the slavery of corruption
    to the freedom and the glory of the children of God.
    For we know that all the creation groans together and
    travails together until now.

    God uses the rebel angels to demonstrate His righteousness and mercy, and His omniscience throughout history. This will one day be revealed to all creation when the plan culminates here on Earth. The descendants of Adam are central to that plan. All of the angels, especially the soon-to-be judged rebel angels,  are focused on the goings on of mortal humans on the earth. 1 Peter 1:110-12

    Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you ... unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven;
    which things the angels desire to look into.

    The truth of scripture is, "By His wisdom the heavens were beautiful", then rebellion came and with it, corruption and death. Psalm 89:10 :

    You have broken Rahab
    in pieces, as one slain:
    you have scattered your enemies
    with your mighty arm.

    After Satan's kingdoms were devastated, many of the rebellious angels were bound and held until the time of judgment, the Day of the Lord -- the end of the age when God gathers rebel angels on earth to receive His wrath. Other factions of the rebel angels continued existing with the abilty to travel in the atmosphere outward from earth, space, and amongst the planets - "the stones of fire". The Book of Enoch, quoted by Jude the brother of Jesus, and considered an important work by the early Christian Church, describes a terrifying vision, Enoch 18:13 :

    And over an abyss I saw a place
    that had no heaven above it
    and no firmament of earth below it
    ... it was a void place,
    and there I saw a terrible thing:
    seven stars, like great burning mountains
    and like spirits, that petitioned me.
    The angel with me said:
    "this is the place of the consummation
    of heaven and earth;
    it is a prison for the stars of heaven
    and for the host of heaven.
    And the stars that roll over the fire are they
    who have transgressed the command of God...
    And He was enraged at them, and bound them
    till the time and the consummation of their sins
    in the year of the mystery."

    The Fallen Angels Prepare for the "Year of Mystery" & Judgment Day

    Prophetic Significance of Mars: Judgment Past and Future

    The monuments of Cydonia remain as evidence that a thriving technologically advanced civlization once existed. Further, the typology of the structures demonstrates that the occupants once gave glory to God in a manner which He Himself specified. The evidence left on Mars tells of a great destruction befalling the Cydonia monument builders... such a destruction of beings, who had at one time followed God the Creator, could only be seen as a judgment from God.

    Our studies of scripture have lead us to the controversial view that civilizations of pre-rebellion angels lived on the planets of our solar system before the creation of Adam. Further, these civilizations used the riches of their culture to give glory to God the Creator, as evidenced in the ruins of monumental structures of Cydonia. Scripture tells us that the leader of the angelic civilizations was the most favored of the cherubim, who later led the rebellion against God, for which the angelic civilizations were punished. These rebel angels were judged by a planetary cataclysm -- God destroyed planet Rahab, the heart of the angelic civilization. This Rahab was the fifth planet out, where the asteroid belt is now located. Mars shows evidence of a great catastrophe on the scale of a planetary neighbor exploding.

    The planet of the "Covering Cherub" is still evident within the debris, asteroids and comets, which are strewn throughout our solar system. Significantly, these chunks of the rebel angel 's planet, cosmic stones, have been used to mete out God's judgment throughout history.

    The rebel angels were judged with a blast of giant stones from Rahab , destroying the civilization at Cydonia that once gave glory to God. According to Mosaic law stoning was the prescribed means of execution for those guilty of idolatry, apostasy, blasphemy, divination, adultery, juvenile rebellion and infanticide. These sins are synonymous with the rebellion of the cities of Rahab.

    God's judgment on the rebels continued, as the incomprehensibly violent and genetically unlikely dinosaurs, the very image of the dragon, "that old serpent" , were destroyed with another chunk of the rebel cherub's planet.

    Scripture tells us God will use asteroids and/or comets -- chunks of the rebellious angels' planet -- in future judgment. An impact originating in outer space will likely be the climax of the Gog / Magog War:

    Ezekiel 38
    I am against you, O Gog... After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. [Israel did not even exist as a nation, was "desolate", from 70AD till 1948]

    When Gog attacks the land of Israel, my hot anger will be aroused ... In my zeal and fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel ... I will summon a sword against Gog on all my mountains ... 22 I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him. [the original language does not use the word for weather-related "hailstones", but refers to great stones, created stones, stones of ice, and a great overflowing of water -- this sounds like a comet / asteroid event ]

    Several years after the Gog / Magog Battle, or at least several years after the coming of antichrist and the reinstatement of the temple system of sacrifice in Israel, the inhabitants of the Earth will yet again be judged by stones from the rebel cherub's planet. During the time of God's wrath, the inhabitants of the earth will include the rebel angels, having been imprisoned and thrown out of the heavens, the antichrist and the humans aligned with him.
    Revelation 8:8
    The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea.

    Revelation 8:10
    The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky

    The message of Cydonia reminds us of the past and future fulfillment of God's Judgment -- of the rebellious inhabitants of Mars and the exploded planet Rahab millennia ago, and the future judgment that will befall the rebellious inhabitants of the Earth.

    crop circle ufo glyphCrop circles are either created by skilled humans, or by the ufo craft that are often said to be seen near crop circles. If humans have created these, they are very Illuminated humans, illustrating obscure mathematical relationships and esoteric concepts. The two crop circles on this page show the planets and the asteroid belt -- perhaps designed as human tribute to the planetary dieties revered in Kabalah and Alchemy.  If supernatural in origin,  the rebel angels seem to be indicating the location of their lost kingdom in the heavens -- their lost Golden Age --  when angels ruled the solar system and there were not yet Adams  to usurp their dominion. It is interesting that a major component in occultism is a longing for the Lost Atlantis (Mu, Shamballah or even Eden Regained) - a utopia of peace and high technology.


    The book of Jubilees remarks that Jared or Yeh-red, an Old Testament patriarch, was so called because in his days the angels descended upon the earth - Yaw-rad "descend". It is interesting to note that "Jordan" comes from that same root word denoting "descent, coming down or falling" - Yar-dane "the place of the descent". The source of the Jordan river is Mount Hermon - the point of descent of the Watchers. Mt. Hermon resides in the ancient land formally known as "Sidonia". The super-human angelic beings descended, created hybrid offspring with human women, the "nephilim" and mighty men of renknown preserved in ancient myths. The source for the dispersion of angelic "alien" technology, and the Hermetic knowledge that influenced human civilization since the days of Noah, was Sidonia / Cydonia. UFO sightings increase as 2012 approaches - significant?

    The symbolism surrounding the coming End of the Aion in 2012 suggests perhaps another "descent" is approaching. The time & location should not be a mystery as it has been looked for, advanced & ardently pursued by the Mystery Schools for centuries, from its earliest advocacy in the Edfu Texts to the current wizardry going on at NASA. At the very least, could there be a revelation that alien intelligences left evidence of their civilizations on Mars?

    Mount Hermon place of the descent fallen angels alien intervention nephilim the watchers

    2012 End of the Age - End Times AION symbol Ouroboros, serpent eating its own tail end time prophecy David Flynn research

    RE: 2012 & End of the Age. The Greeks called the End of the Age the SUNTELIA AION Ancient historians and especially Plato referred to a cycle of catastrophe at the End of the Age. The AION was symbolized by the Ouroboros.
    The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Hermeticism and myth refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail.
    David Flynn 2012 research, sign of the end of times, the Ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tail Illuminated hermeticism synchromysticism & apocalyptic symbolism.

    The Milky Way galaxy keeps a great time cycle that ends in catastrophic change. The sign of the SUNTELIA AION is the sun rising out of the mouth of the oroborus, which will occur on the solstice December 2012.

    Flynn: Lost Ark of the Covenant Location disclosed

    Temple at the Center of Time: Investigations of Sacred Dimension, Revealed in Prophecy, the Temple of Jerusalem, and the Ark of the Covenant, from the works of Isaac Newton by David Flynn In "Temple at the Center of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012" David Flynn examines the works of Isaac Newton concerning End Time Prophecy by researching many ancient texts Newton had access to, and reading the Bible and extra Biblical texts in their original languages, as Newton had. Flynn asserts that although Newton had solved riddles of space, time, gravity, light, physics & mathematics, Newton seemed to be looking for "something more". By following the clues left in Newton's works -- including those dismissed as esoteric, alchemical or illuminated, yet focusing especially on Newton's fascination with the Books of Daniel and Revelation (The Apocalypse) and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem -- David Flynn has discovered perhaps what Newton would have, given tools like the interweb and Google Earth. Flynn's book demonstrates how pivotal events in history are unquestionably connected in time and space to Jerusalem, and leaves the reader with something Isaac Newton exhausted his latter years searching for, "proof that God is in control of space and time". "Temple at the Center of Time" not only explains why such a great "scientific mind" as Newton's would be obsessed by the Biblical End Times, but also provides insight into such fascinating topics as the placement and purpose of ancient megaliths like Baalbek, Stonehenge and Avebury, and why there is a significance placed on the galactic event which will occur on December 21, 2012.

    david flynn on freemason symbols 33 and 2012 end times and bible prophecy David Flynn 's book "Cydonia: the Secret Chronicles of Mars" and his DVD lectures from the annual Roswell UFOs & the Bible Conference reveal:

  • 2012 significance the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the symbol the Ouroboros
  • "the gods" who walked the earth in the ages before Adam
  • the nephilim of Genesis 6 and the technology & wisdom they imparted to humankind
  • the distinctly Martian Cydonian influence on human civilization
  • megaliths magick & the meaning behind the esoteric tenet "As Above, So Below"
  • 33 & 2012 -- freemason symbols mystery schools & the modern alchememy of NASA
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    As you may have heard mentioned on the Sept. 20 2011 CoasttoCoastAM show w/ Doug Elwell & Richard Hoagland and on the incredible Oct. 30 2011 show with LA Marzulli, or read about on Steve Quayle's (author of Genesis 6 Giants) website and Tom Horn's (author of Apollyon Rising 2012) website, controversial Bible scholar & lecturer David Flynn was diagnosed with brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme. He passed away January 22, 2012.

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