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JFKjr / TWA / Apollo Connections

Masonic Cues - Reinforcing the path of the Illumined

When the symbols are unveiled, it is only a small step to understanding patterns. When the patterns are resolved, the greater picture is fleshed out. The clearer the picture becomes, the greater the influence the "enlightened" feels he has in the scheme.

What is the "scheme"? Who are the "enlightened"?

The scheme is the working of human events to a global enlightenment and a new age of understanding.

The enlightened are the brothers of the house, or in French "frerre maison" where we get the name "Free Mason".

"We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers, spiritual forces of evil in high places". Eph. 6:12

Satan is the prince of this world. Because Satan strives to be compared with God, he works continually to IMITATE and COUNTERFEIT the Creator.

One of the attributes of the Creator is the ability to design human events into metaphor and symbols foreshadowing and alluding to Jesus Christ, the good news of salvation. God has used His oracle people, the Jews, in this way for thousands of years, and as of late, Christians as well.

Satan has his oracle people also.  They are those he chooses who live for themselves and not for God. They are used to foreshadow and describe the Antichrist. Satan demonstrates his power in this way not only to lead men astray from the truth, but also as a demonstration of his authority and power to his echelons, the angels under his control.

Facts have been over looked.

Flight TWA 800 was SHOT down over the waters near Long Island close to Montauk bay. Montauk bay was the infamous site of the Philadelphia experiment, "lover of delphi", the oracle of the Greek god Apollo. The Philadelphia experiment was a supposed attempt by our Navy to render its' ships invisible. According to reports given by the men who survived the experiment, the outcome was not only invisibility but also time and dimensional distortion.  Montauk is also the site of ongoing UFO manifestation which has been recorded from the earliest settlements there.

The reason behind the suppression of facts behind the downing of flight TWA 800 is not to cover up the accidental naval launch of a missile, or a foreign or domestic terrorist attack.  It is not to protect the Clinton's administration record of "cracking down on terrorism on American soil".  Flight TWA 800 was not shot down with the sole purpose of assassinating the U.N. personnel on board.

Flight TWA 800 was shot down because it presented a subconscious message for conditioning the masses to accept a lie. It was a Masonic que,  a foundation waiting to hold a intricate new paradigm or "house" - "maison" which will descend to the earth. The flight's name itself presented a unique and unprecedented metaphor.  A metaphor deciphered in Greek. A message fitting the return to power the Greek god Apollo, the golden god, the lord of the silver bow,"THE FAR SHOOTER".

T= Tau,  symbol of the Christian era.

w= Not "double u" but the Greek letter Omega. The last, the end.

A= Alpha, the first, the beginning, also..."A" for the Aquarian age.

8= Number of new beginnings, God rested on the 7th day, the 8th is
     necessarily the new day, the new age. the symbol of infinity upright.

00= Symbol of infinity.

The message complete...The era of Christianity * T *, will end * W *, the Aquarian age begins * A *, a new day shall dawn * 8 *, and remain forever and ever * 00* [infinity].

Thus the symbol of the Christian was destroyed and thrown into the sea as it mounted on wings up to heaven away from the city some have conjectured as "Babylon the Great".

The return to the "Golden Age" is the ultimate goal of the "enlightened", the time when "gods" walked the earth. A time when Sataniel, the greatest and most beautiful of these ruled the earth, though he himself had been cast out of the height of heaven.

Exactly 3 years to the day [and hour?] of the TWA 800 crash, John Kennedy Jr. a man touted by Dan Rather as the "Prince of Camelot", plummeted to his death flying over the same area of ocean.

This "accident" was spun by the media as having occurred due J. K. Jr's  "inexperience and overconfidence", though reports of his plane plunging 1,200 ft in 10 seconds manifested early during the breaking story as well as reports of a fireball at the time the plane went missing.

The Prince of Camelot fell into the ocean precisely on the 30th anniversary of the APOLLO 11 moon launch.

What about the "Camelot" metaphor?  When the king who ruled the land was "cut off", the knights of the round table went out in search of the knowledge which he had lost, the holy grail.

This modern holy grail is the knowledge men have lost concerning their origins. This knowledge will be given by the gods of the golden age back to man thus restoring "that which was lost" least according to the "enlightened".

In light of research by Dr. Bruce Cornet into a Cydonia analog in New York State, the symbolic events are occurring near remnants of the civilization which extended over the whole earth as well as all the planets in our solar system.

The significance of this location might be obvious to readers of watcher website 's theories, starting at this page: ./stones.html

                            ********** End of part 1 ***********


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