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Clinton 's Reaction to Applewhite Heaven 's Gate Cult suicide 1997 Quite Illuminated
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Confusion surrounding what really happend leads to conspiracy theories. 39 religious folks, whose interests included computers and the internet, UFOs and prophecy (sound like anyone you know?) were found dead in San Diego. They had met their death over what might have been days, while comet Hale Bopp was bright in the sky, Mars was at close approach, and a lunar eclipse topped off the signs in the heavens. It was too auspicious of a time for *THEM* to pass up a sacrifice -- 3 * 13 = 39 -- an auspicious number of acolytes lost their lives ... for what?  [39 is also 2 * 19.5]

The family members of the acolytes were unable to contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer to discuss any legal course of action and instead received some money from the auction of Heaven's Gate belongings to help cover the burial costs.

Summary of the Heaven's Gate UFO cult suicide from the internet source the 60 Greatest Conspiracies. We at Watcher have been WARNING for years about the potential for people to be deceived by "aliens" (who are really fallen angels) bringing enlightenment, and the danger of viewing ETs as the catalyst for the next step in human evolution.

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    Our Watcher Website catagorized as a cult by Chicago Tribune, who were evidently too hurried to actually read our webpages.

    Media Hype and Clinton's Reaction to the
    "Heaven's Gate" New Age UFO Suicide Cult

    "It's heartbreaking, sickening, uh, shocking...I think it's important that we get as many facts as we can about this...What in fact motivated those people. And uh...What all of us can do to make sure that there arn't any other people thinking in that same way out there in our country--that aren't so isolated that they can create a world for themselves that may justify that kind of thing. It's very troubling to me." Clinton on CNN 3/27/97

    Soon there will be a task force to determine what books, articles, webpages or charismatic individuals are sources of "motivation" for some kind of "thinking". Clinton and the government will determine what is acceptable or subversive. Soon there will be standards to measure "kinds of thinking", government institutions to re-educate people into appropriate ways of thinking, and of course, strict penalties for anyone guilty of motivating wrong ways of thinking. This will all be justly enforced by such wise arbiters as Janet Reno. Perhaps we at watcher will not be on the internet...or seeing daylight...for much longer ; )

    What does all this bode for free speech on the internet, and ministries like ours?

    Our website has been deemed a "cult" by many, and we have seen many interviews in which Christianity has been called a "dangerous cult". What does the mainstream media think about people who go around saying (or even thinking) things like "Jesus lives in me"..."Everything promised in the Bible is true"..."One day Jesus will come back to the earth and the dead will rise...and if I am alive when this happens, I will meet these people with Jesus in the clouds"?

    These sayings cannot be separated from Christianity. They are BASIC to it. According to the new rhetoric flying around on the TV and in Washington, Christians who believe the promises in the Bible are members of a cult. Anyone who preaches the Bible as the infallible Word of God is a cult leader-- ESPECIALLY IF THEY PREACH IT VIA THE INTERNET.

    What does this kind of anti- Christian hype say about the days in which we live?

    Also, how in the world can these cult members be linked to Christianity when they spout the dogma of suicide and faith in Jesus with the same breath? It's all very satanic...

    We at watcher found it less than a coincidence that the acknowledged "authority" on the Bo Peep/Heaven's Gate UFO cult teaches sociology at the University here in our hometown of Missoula Montana. Why that particular UFO religious cult? Hmm...maybe we are just paranoid.

    Opinion Update from Watcher - January 1999

    Millennium Poster wrote:

    Antichrist will Counterfeit Prophecy

    The Antichrist will SEEM Like the messiah - UFOs and Antichrist Linked - Mars and Antichrist- Antichrist Identity Anti Christ Counterfeit of Christ
    When considering the identity of the antichrist,
    keep in mind he will SEEM like the Messiah of Israel.

    Please view our website for the truth behind the
    "alien" deception, and the END OF THE AGE.

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