Media Hypes Current Events Like Cult Incident to Further Globalist Agenda

From: IamDorian
Subject: Re: Fwd: (Fwd) "CULT MADNESS"

A friend...sent me this...(it is only the 100th such communication ...does the media spin-doctoring and propaganda machine control and direct [and dull] the thinking of mainstream America?? hmmmmmm)

Check out:
Any comments?

YES...of course I have comments...the SAME comments I have been making for years..and echoing what I SAID WOULD HAPPEN..and HAD to happen after the covert shipment of 100,000 Guillotines to a Montana site over 4 years ago...and the subsequent appearance of those same guillotines across America at MILITARY bases! (I had 4 other eye-witnesses/informers ALL in active-or formerly in- military intelligence positions...[Ask me for my paper!?])

My only comments to this hype is that most NEWS that we receive through the current media is either manufactured/manipulated for a reason, or, coincidence though it may be, the spin-doctors in Washington (and Langley) will have used it to further their own propaganda.

Within the last 10 days alone, we have seen two great examples of this!

1) The "Heaven's Gate" thing...even the name imposes labels on "religious," actually Quasi-religious-groups...apocalyptic type religion and people who put any belief in comets as harbingers of future apocalypses!

The real point is that (AS ANTHONY LARSEN pointed out in the prophecy trilogy based on Velikovskian historical interpretations...and I PREDICTED 12 years ago, and in my paper dated about 6 months ago!) Hale-Bopp PROVES that these comets that threaten this Earth every 3500 years... (Hale-Bopp, Hyakutake and Shoemaker-Levy) are the real STORY. They do NOT (as this controlled press piped up in one voice to proclaim in the last couple of days) prove that Organic compounds-the basis of the Evolutionists claims to the presence of amino acids in the Eary Earth (theoretically providing the materials necessary for spawning life under THEIR scenario) arrived here on comets. They prove that we have had GOBAL cataclysms on this planet cyclically...and have had them for a LONG time! They prove that Velikovosky's interpretation of the Biblical "Exodus" story was fundamentally correct! They portend Global Disaster! This only SLOWY seeping into the news. Without DARING to mention the author of the original theory's name (Ignatius Donelley) a recent documentary produced by the Turner Network recalled the Great Chicago Fire of 1871...asking "Was this fire caused by the presence of inflammatory agents falling from the tail of a comet (The comet's name was Beila...and the "agents" were hydrocarbons)?

READ "Worlds in Collision" by Immanuel Velikovsky (out of print on Doubleday)... and then read the "Prophecy Trilogy" by Anthony E. Larsen (a Mormon author) on Zedek Books. my papers on the subject...I'll even give you the URLs for the SIS (Society for Interdisciplinary Studies) and other CATASTROPHIST web sites. Forget the popular press...Educate yourselves

As for the (media hype to fulfill an agenda):

2) The "Man in the electric chair with the BURNING HEAD!" THIS will and is being used to get RID of the electric chair in favor of...GUILLOTINES

Florida and Georgia are spearheading this development...remember Rev: 12:4

Listen more to TALK know...the home of: paranoia; the choice of radical Christian Fundamentalist, anti government, white supremacist, cultish, paramilitary, Zionist, gun-tottin' militia-minded, terrorists?

At least they believe in a FREE and INTELLIGENT press? So everything else they believe is enough to justify a charge of Treason and Sedition...under FEMA??

I know a few people (the number is dwindling) who think that Iam foolish, paranoid and phantasy-prone. I can only quote two scriptures...

"The perverse are HARD to correct...and the number of fools is infinite" (Solomon)

and ..."Those who leadeth into captivity goeth into captivity...those who live by the sword die by the sword...and THIS is the Faith and Patience of the Saints!" (Revelation)

GET A FOOD STORAGE ... before the "Food Hoarding Act" kicks in-(under FEMA..soon to be enacted) the NWO and their cronies in the Clinton administration are poised with their fingers on the proverbial friends! But, if you don't believe this..then just "Eat, Drink, and be Merry..for tomorrow you MAY WISH that you WERE dead! I have a suggestion also...

I say...just CHOP their heads off? (Shades of "Alice in Wonderland"...I wonder...what sort of land is this becoming). Maybe we should STONE them first? Gives a WHOLE NEW meaning to the phrase Rock and Roll...don't it?!


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