In 1996, Watcher Website's webmaster posted the picture below left. After a discussion of the 1947 " Saucer Crash " and the theory that modern technology was back-engineered from those flying saucer remains, or directly given by the alien beings who were recovered .... watcher's dudeV created the logo below to advertise his small business. The image was posted on watcher website for several years. Watcher website deals with not merely Ufos from a Biblical pespective, but the "angels who are disguised as aliens" -- their angelic plan and the End Time scenario, and of course the evidence of an intelligent pre-human civilization on Cydonia Mars. Our website is primarily concerned with the identity of the builders of the monuments on Mars.  The Crabwood crop glyph from 2002 on the right is eerily familiar ... 

Watcher's David Flynn will be in Roswell NM this 4th of July, for the Ancient of Days UFO Conference. Also lecturing will be Michael Heiser, a scholar in Semitic languages familiar to Art Bell / George Noory's Coast audience.
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Hoagland compliments Dave on his book
Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars
 -- Hoagland read it, you should too! 

" Twin Peaks-like " image of Hoagland & image [above] of David Flynn, Mike Heiser & Richard Hoagland
from the surreal experience that was the Roswell UFO Conference 2003
CLICK HERE to order Dave's video tape Genesis 3, Cydonia & The Mysteries of Mars
presented at the Roswell UFO conference July 2003


David Flynn's long awaited book Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars is now available! click here to order through Steve Quayle's secure server, or by mail, phone or fax.

Since the early 1990's, Watcher Website has been a repository for research dealing with UFOs, the Monuments of Cydonia Mars, Angels & Aliens, Conspiracy & End Time Prophecy. David's book discusses such topics from our website in depth and much more, disclosing knowledge that previously only the highest ranking members of Masonry & the Mystery Schools have been privy to through the ages. 

Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars reveals:

  • the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the Ouroboros, and the true meaning of this serpentine symbol
  • the "gods" who ruled the planets BEFORE Adam [Pre-Adamite History] and their return as "aliens"
  • the distinctly Martian influence on human civilization from earliest times to the present
  • the meaning behind the esoteric tenet "As Above, So Below"
  • the Great Work of the Mystery Schools from its origin to the implementation by the modern alchemists of NASA

  • Fascinating! David gave his presentation in Roswell this past July 5th, discussing the monuments of Avebury England, the Prime Meridian of earth which passes near Avebury and those monuments, and the Prime Meridian of Mars which passes through the center of Cydonia near the monumental pentagonal pyramids on Mars. The morning of July 6th a pentagonal crop glyph had appeared in Avebury, with an internal five-fold pentagonality no less!