My tribute to Bill Cooper
Fri Nov 9 15:23:49 2001

I have read most of what I have seen posted regarding Cooper. I think he would really enjoy reading it ALL. He wasn't there to be your parents, or your buddy, he was more like a Marine DI; he was there to teach what he knew in the time he had, to the audience he had to deal with, and get them ready and fit for what is yet to come. Make no mistake about it, it IS coming. He did it because it was in his heart to do so, and nothing more. You want to dispute that, look at how much money he made, and what he got in the end for his efforts. He might well have been everything bad he is accused of being. He might also have been much more good beyond that. I think he was a great deal like the ocean, or a mountain with the top shrouded in mist and clouds. You look at the surface of the sea, or the base of the mountain, and think that is all there is to the whole. You may well be wrong. Cooper was what he was, I didn't ask him to be anything more or less, nor should any of you. I don't give a flying damn flip what anyone else says about him, he was a human being, and my fellow human, and in my heart, I feel he was a pretty damn good one, for all his faults. He might not have been the best of men (WHO is), but he was FAR from the worst.

"Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone"...

At least he tried, even if he failed. He may yet have won.

Perhaps the rough, angry image he projected to the outside world was only the surface armor he put on in response to hurts we could not see, and can never know of, that were inflicted upon him. Perhaps we need to stop and think on this, and look beyond what he might have said to each of us, that we were offended by. It is time for a healing in this world, not more hate and death and darkness. Bill Cooper was a kick, he lived in "interesting times", and if you have ever read the ancient Chinese curse which runs "May you live in interesting times", you will understand this. I have no sympathy for any involved in his demise, you pick your sides and make your choices, just as Bill did, and just as each and every one of us will have to do, sooner or later. It is NOT a pretty fact, nor a pretty world (so far), but that is the way it is, and we all have to deal with that sooner or later. Bill is gone, so will ALL of us be sooner or later, and it is not how much we are loved, but how much we love others that matters. I think he had a tremendous amount of love for his fellow man, no matter what any might say of him, and he held that in his heart up to the moment of his physical death, and beyond even that.

"Greater love than this hath no man, but that he should lay down his life for his friends."

LOOK at the records, look at what Bill actually made in $s off of what he put out, look at what he got in return for it all. Now you tell me how evil, sick, mad, etc., he was.

I'll be waiting to listen...

Rest well Bill, and thank you and WELL done, Chief...


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