Bill Cooper's press conference
Sat Nov 10 12:22:03 2001



This is tragic news. I have a few more papers left to send to my readers
and my "farewell" paper, but this needed to get sent out immediately.

In a nutshell:

Two weeks ago, on a nighttime broadcast simulcast through a number of
national radio stations, William Cooper, ex-Naval Intel, blew his Top
Secret security clearance by putting together a press conference where he
laid out the structure of this country's SHADOW GOVERNMENT, tracing its
roots to the UFO/Alien cover-ups that began in the 1940s-1950s. He was very
concise and explicit, naming names and documentation, offices and meetings
from the 50s on down to the1970s. He literally ripped the lid of the
cover-up, and told his audience that he'd probably be killed for this. he was.

This brilliant, decorated military career man left Naval Intelligence in
1975,. By his own admission, he was unable to reconcile what he'd learned
while in Naval Intel, about Alien controls and secret combinations within
over our government. He refused to serve the anti-consitutional "Military
Industrial Complex" run by NAS/CIA and the NWO, and resigned. After this he
began to leak info, often receiving threats on his life and family for so
doing. He continued undaunted, but has been increasingly harassed for his
outspoken whistle-blowing. To weeks ago he decided he could hold back what
he'd learned no longer, and blew the whistle on the whole charade, naming
people's names, dates places...everything he'd learned! Apparently this was
the last straw?

William Cooper's stunning presentation was bound to get him killed. He knew
it, and stated it before his live audience. If anyone thinks this man's
statements were exaggerated, ask yourself WHY he was killed? There is tight
security surrounding the details of the actual incident resulting in his
death. The story is being spun to make it sound like he had a scuffle with
two Sheriff deputies in which he shot one officer in the head twice. He was
then. According to the official story, shot dead. The deputy is said to be
alive, but Cooper was killed on the spot. You can bet your three dollar
bills and wooden nickels that the truth surrounding this little
"assassination" will never be revealed before it is spun beyond
recognition. There is little doubt that Bill simply went too far. This is
the same sort of thing that got Kennedy shot. If "they" kill presidents to
cover up these truths, how much chance does one lone ex-military officer have?

My own research corroborates every aspect of what Bill had to say in those
areas where his subset of information intersects my own. His expertise and
knowledge, however, was of a military/political nature (governmental,
historical and cover-ups) nature, not specifically scientific. Yet what he
had to say rings true as far as the technological aspects of UFO technology
is concerned, as well as some of the truths he mentioned concerned with the
nature and motis operandi of the "Gray" aliens, as I have come to
understand them.

For information on ordering the incredible 2-hour William Cooper press
conference on tape, call the KTTK Radio station at: (801) 759-1581.

They broadcast live from 6 to 7 am, Monday thru Friday; and on Saturday and
Sunday at 7 to 9 pm, as "k-talk" Radio am 630 ---- in the Provo Utah area.

The night of the broadcast their broadcast was interrupted by what was
likely a triangle ship Em pulse weapon. Since then several other
broadcasts have been so targeted, and disruptions have occurred as Federal
officials have begun harassing the station and interrupting broadcasts by
demanding access to studio files during peak broadcast periods. This
harassment has been going on quietly across the nation, the target being
"talk radio stations NOT with the "plan."

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